1. benjipowers replied to your photo: More pictures and whatnot.

    see that’s really cool! now i wanna draw some pokemon!

    Haha thanks dude. :D Every time I want to draw now I find a pokemon on this pokemon randomiser site and draw it. :P


  2. benjipowers replied to your post: Started to draw a thing then deleted it because it…

    draw it anyway man. my stuff is dumb and stupid and dumb but i post it anyway!

    It’s deleted now. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Drawing is dumb. So many people do it far too easily. I should just let them do it better than me and find the equivalent thing to them. ie: something I’m good at with absolutely no effort. ohspoilersitsnothing


  3. benjipowers replied to your post: benjipowers replied to your post: I wonder just…

    friday. or something. shrugs.

    Just to see how it turns out, I’ve put in the Pokerap. I was scrolling through itunes and it caught my eye. Let’s see if I can rewub this 12 times. :I *puts on safety goggles*


  4. benjipowers replied to your post: I wonder just how wub machined a song can get….

    i dare you to rewub a song twelve times.

    But what song?!


  5. benjipowers replied to your post: butt wednesday might end up my favourite tag ever….

    you loved my butt the most tho rite

    Of course I did! If only I had a butt, then I could join in.

    My only regret in life, is that I had buttitis.


  6. benjipowers replied to your post: wejgoqwerinopah shiit okay I just tried to play…

    what’s slender? a slenderman game?

    Yeah it’s a Slenderman game where you walk around a forest collecting these pages, they call them manuscripts I think, but they’re more like insane scribbles begging Slenderman not to kill them. And then he turns up in the distance, and I’m guessing eventually catches and kills you or whatever he does, if you don’t collect them all. It’s Amnesiaesque with it’s limited light source and insanity upon keeping eye contact with Slendy.



  7. benjipowers replied to your post: If your house was on fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be?

    your genius never ceases to amaze me

    Thank you. I don’t know why more people don’t think to do this.


  8. benjipowers replied to your post: how big’s your dick owo

    12 inches when you fold it in half, i thought! o:

    Just an estimation, I’m afraid.


  9. benjipowers replied to your post: Please never do that again. I don’t want to have to unfollow you and most of those were pretty shitty, you could have just linked the blog or done some of the best ones.

    I’m personally not going to unfollow you for anything, bffls and all that, but I don’t have tumblr saviour. I don’t even really know too much about what it is.

    Okay, this is a different story. I’m glad you came to me and said you weren’t familiar with Tumblr Saviour. It’s a browser add-on that allows you to block posts with what ever tags you choose from appearing. This is the link for Chrome users.


    So when I say I’m tagging something as xyz whenever I post something with that, in stead of the actual post a little post will replace it saying “x has made a post containing tag/s xyz” depending on what you’ve added to the settings.

    You can also add exceptions so you can add ‘dicks’ or something and then add the exception ‘homestuck’. So it will block any post with dicks unless its also tagged homestuck.

    It’s also good for blocking people’s urls if you don’t want to see any of their posts, but don’t want to deal with them questioning you unfollowing. XD

    So yeah, it’s mainly for triggers but it’s also useful for spams or any fandom you dislike.


  10. benjipowers replied to your post: benjipowers replied to your post: so by those…

    i luv u 2 bby. 4 all eternitee :)



  11. benjipowers replied to your post: so by those earlier questions do you mean to say you like boys as well?

    heartbroken but still hopeful

    You know I will always love you Benji. We’ve been over this. Our love transcends the quadrants.



  13. benjipowers replied to your post: Do you often masturbate?

    not often enough if you have to ask that

    Haha well I was wondering if they thought often was like once a day or like 8 times a day or something. XDDD


  14. benjipowers replied to your post: you’re popular right? how many followers do you have? if you dont mind me asking :3

    i am literally two away from 98. you are famous to me, bro. haha

    Hahaha.. In comparison to a lot of people I’m probably not. XD


  15. benjipowers replied to your post: stormybabe replied to your post: stormybabe…

    that is pretty much how everyone plays it at first. but we didnt even have glass blocks!

    Yeah glass is a nice touch. That’s how you hide from monsters properly. I wonder if they can still see through glass.. I can’t even remember anymore.