3. oak23 replied to your post: marcitier reblogged your post: Cutiestuck? More…

    the thing that gets me is that they’re not even sure if the complaints are from melbspa like i’m honestly wondering if it even needed to be brought to the group’s attention??

    Exactly the reason I don’t care to see it.




  6. oak23 replied to your post: “There was an issue in MelbSPA that I will not go into very far as it is done and dead, ” but lemme just delve so far that I’m going to discriminate on an extraordinary level and not give a shit about why he may be like that, good job dick.

    this anon is quoting that “bewarb of josh” post going around that you reblogged/responded to a few times, so yeah. I think they’re trying to make a weird random point.

    Oh, I understand exactly what they’re referencing, but they’re using a method where they take something I’ve said and catch me out lying and being a hypocrite. The problem is, I never said that about this issue, so I have no idea what their actual point is. :I

    I’m pretty un/lucky to have the version that I commented on be the most reblogged, as far as I can tell. It’s brought a whole lot of traffic my way, but not all of it good. Oh well. My blog, my opinion. I feel it needed to be brought to peoples’ attention at the time so I did just that.





  10. Tumblr Crushes:

    I wonder why splicingadventure is at the top…


  11. Tumblr Crushes:

    omg kayla, what. how did you manage to sneak to the top again so quickly? XD